About Little Man Parking

Little Man Parking is a locally owned and operated parking operator based in New York City.

About Little Man Parking

Little Man Parking is a medium sized owner operated parking garage company that has been in the parking business since 1999. Our niche is providing the type of personalized, hands-on attention to detail that the larger companies are unable to provide. We pride ourselves in delivering professional, efficient and courteous service to each and every facility we operate.

The scope of Little Man’s operation runs the gamut from a small, full service, “white glove”, indoor valet parking garage for an exclusive upper east side Manhattan coop to large multi-facility parking operations. We are involved with Owner Operated locations, Leased locations as well as Managed locations. In every case, Little Man’s unique style of operation produces the best run, cleanest and most efficient operation in the Tri-State area.

The secret to Little Man’s success is that each of Little Man’s locations is supervised directly by the owner. This creates a variety of benefits.

First, direct, hands-on Owner supervision affords Little Man the ability to provide what most of our competition is simply unable or unwilling to deliver – a senior level decision maker who can regularly evaluate and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each operation from personal analysis of the day to day activities at each facility. This ensures the highest quality, most professional operation.

Second, as a hands-on Owner operated company, Little Man is capable of being quickly responsive to the needs of our customers. At Little Man, we believe in the importance of making every effort to get to know our customers so that we may better understand and often anticipate your needs and concerns. In this manner, Little Man can ensure optimum service is being provided to our customers on a daily basis and that any problems that may arise are rectified professionally and expeditiously.

Finally, as a locally owned and operated company, our customers do not have to call across the country to speak to Senior Staff regarding a question or problem. Often these conversations take place face to face, at the facility itself. This typically results in not only a better understanding of the issue, but a better, more complete resolution to the issue as well.

Little Man has perfected its style and system of operation ensuring success in each of our endeavors.

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The Little Man Parking leadership team is comprised of veteran parking professionals with significant experience, well rounded skills in parking management, and incredibly diverse backgrounds. Our team of professionals are here to serve you.

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